Joining WordPress

I’m Joining WordPress!


Hey! This is from Instagram! I’ve decided to start a blog on WordPress, so I can post pictures as well as give updates about my Sun and Moon life. Here are some facts about me:

  1. I have an Instagram, as I’ve mentioned: follow me and I’ll follow you back if you’re a Pokemon account!
  2. I like drawing Pokemon! I might post a few here.
  3. I like making Pokemon with Perler Beads… there definitely will be some pictures!
  4. Okay, don’t get mad at me, but I only play Moon… No Sun. Ever.
  5. I have a fairy-type gym, and run battles every now and then. If you want to battle me, you can make a request, although I have a lot of those coming in and may take some time to get through all of them. You will earn my utmost respect.
  6. Favourite Pokemon: gotta be Sylveon or Espeon. More Sylveon.
  7. Favourite Eeveelution: well, that’s pretty self-explanatory… just don’t messpeon with my Espeon.
  8. Yup, puns. I am the pun Master. Puns are my life and death. Because Wynaut?
  9. Amourshipping, because it’s the BEST shipping EVER. And because Serena is the perfect match for Ash… C’MON, SERENA LOVES HIM 😉
  10. Lastly, my account is dedicated to Nebby (who refuses to get in the bag), but LORD KARP AND ‘DOOF WILL REIGN SUPREME. Yes, Lord Karp and ‘Doof.