My Rowlet has become a Decidueye!


Omg!!! Decidueye, evolved from my starter Rowlet, has reached level 100! I’ve looked back on what we’ve done, and it’s a lot! Every time I battle the Elite Four Decidueye is there, always. We’ve travelled far and wide, rarely leaving my party. It’s amazing to see that over 150 hours since when I first got the game we’ve achieved so much! Of all the Pokemon, I’ve been most attached to Decidueye, especially in Pokemon Refresh with lots and LOTS of PokePuffs/Beans. Also on this post are dedication posts or Deciduation posts (pun intended)! Now my little level 5 Rowlet is now a full level 100 Decidueye, and I can’t be a prouder trainer! All legitimate experience points, Decidueye has never stepped claw on Isle Evelup! Love you Decidueye, always will ☺️ forever and always, no matter what happens😊. 

A Mimikyu Story

Here’s a short story about Mimikyu; it was entered in for a competition but it’s here for you guys!

A howl pierced the night sky.

    The shadowy figure in the dark knew what was coming next. Many Pokemon would train themselves up in the wild, battling each other and boosting their strength. It knew that the Lycanroc forms would come, both Midday and Midnight versions. The figure had always admired their battling style – sleek, smooth and looked up to.

    Mimikyu was certainly not looked up to.

    It skulked around, waiting for the Formidable Magmar, or the Vicious Machamp. They all came soon enough, and Mimikyu made its way over to the battle grounds. It then saw a small and feeble Rockruff, trying its best to growl. He was being pushed aside by other Pokemon, and Mimikyu knew what that felt like.

    Mimikyu shuffled silently over to Rockruff, who whimpered as soon as he saw the Face. The scrawled-on eyes, the weird pale colour, the creepy smile – but Rockruff was happy to make a friend and rubbed his rough rocks against Mimikyu. Mimikyu was happy, and wanted to battle even harder now due to the fact that at least Rockruff was supporting.

    During the night, many battles commenced. Rockruff was beaten, burnt and depleted of all energy. Mimikyu tried its best to heal Rockruff, but nothing was working. That was when Magmar noticed the Pikachu ears poking out from behind a rock.

    “Come and battle us, Pika-” Magmar was horrified, and Mimikyu’s disguise was blown. Trembling, Mimikyu tried to shuffle away but caught sight of Rockruff’s scorched body and pleading eyes. 

    Do this for Rockruff. Do this to prove you’re a strong Pokemon. Be remembered.

    Mimikyu jumped out from behind the rock and gave a perfect Poker Face, like usual. Magmar only wanted a battle, and a battle he was going to get. By now, all the Pokemon were gathered in a circle, cheering on Magamar (and of course, a little pleading voice from behind the rock). Even the Lycanroc were prowling around, anticipating the first strike.

    A fiery red dragon of a flame burst from Magmar’s mouth, emitting smoke and clouding the arena, sending smoke everywhere and leaving Mimikyu temporarily blind.

    As the smoke cleared, Mimikyu blinked. The head, the disguise was all unharmed, not even the hint of a burn. Mimikyu looked up, seeing Magmar just as baffled as it was. Mimikyu was extremely happy, until the head lolled sideways and drooped down. The disguise was gone, and now Mimikyu was in grave danger. Having never battled before, Mimikyu was at a disadvantage. However, it could move fast and disappear into the shadows…

    The moon was at its brightest today, sending dark figures beckoning Mimikyu into the ground. It slid in as Magmar launched another Flamethrower.

    Suddenly, Magmar was lying fainted on the ground, creating a small shadow that Mimikyu crawled out of. Mimkyu emerged victorious. Instead of bathing in the moonlight victory, Mimikyu shuffled towards Rockruff, who was still lying there, but all the same rooting for Mimikyu. Touched by this, it (somehow) helped Rockruff back to where it lived, which was by a shack next to the sea.

    “I’m going tomorrow. I’ll see you there, Mimikyu,” Rockruff yelped, and limped inside. 

    Mimikyu was happy to have a new friend. But suddenly…

    A boy, a man and a Pikachu (yes, a PIKACHU) emerged from the trees, talking about Rockruff. Mimikyu was outraged. The strangers show up out of nowhere (you could say they emerged from the shadows, haha) with a Pikachu and talk about its new friend. Not happening. Shadow claw should do it…

My Fairy Gym

Stuff about my Gym.

Here are some details about my Fairy Gym:

  • It’s called the Klavioni City Fairy Gym, aka the Klavioni Gym.
  • It’s run by me!
  • My Pokemon are all (going to be) Level 100. Some of them are shiny. You can see examples of Pokemon in the trainer card attached in the gallery, although they won’t be the exact Pokemon I’m going to use.
  • There’s a gym badge you get (if I know you) of Shiny Sylveon’s bow. I have a shiny Sylveon, I just don’t know if I’m going to use her. Her name’s Lucina.
  • On my trainer card, there’s my friend code. You can add it if you want to battle, you’re just going to have to comment that you have, or DM me on Instagram.
  • Klavioni City is in the Alola Region (somehow), in the sea somewhere north of the Aether Foundation. It’s a small island bordering the next region that’s going to be announced, so it’s really hard to find. Don’t go looking for it in Pokemon Sun, Moon or Stars because you’ll never find it 🙂
  • My friends have other gyms, like Water, Fire, Ice and Ghost types. Be sure to DM me to get a battle with them!

Joining WordPress

I’m Joining WordPress!

Hey! This is from Instagram! I’ve decided to start a blog on WordPress, so I can post pictures as well as give updates about my Sun and Moon life. Here are some facts about me:

  1. I have an Instagram, as I’ve mentioned: follow me and I’ll follow you back if you’re a Pokemon account!
  2. I like drawing Pokemon! I might post a few here.
  3. I like making Pokemon with Perler Beads… there definitely will be some pictures!
  4. Okay, don’t get mad at me, but I only play Moon… No Sun. Ever.
  5. I have a fairy-type gym, and run battles every now and then. If you want to battle me, you can make a request, although I have a lot of those coming in and may take some time to get through all of them. You will earn my utmost respect.
  6. Favourite Pokemon: gotta be Sylveon or Espeon. More Sylveon.
  7. Favourite Eeveelution: well, that’s pretty self-explanatory… just don’t messpeon with my Espeon.
  8. Yup, puns. I am the pun Master. Puns are my life and death. Because Wynaut?
  9. Amourshipping, because it’s the BEST shipping EVER. And because Serena is the perfect match for Ash… C’MON, SERENA LOVES HIM 😉
  10. Lastly, my account is dedicated to Nebby (who refuses to get in the bag), but LORD KARP AND ‘DOOF WILL REIGN SUPREME. Yes, Lord Karp and ‘Doof.