An Instagram Page, moved over to WordPress. I’m just a Pokemon Fan, running a fan page, really, because WYNAUT. Yes, I’m a punny person. Oh yes, the puns are real.

I’m a Fairy-Type Trainer and Gym Leader. People say that fairies are just cute and weak, only meant to sit there are look like the pretty type. Well, nope. I’m here to say that Fairy-Types are just as good battlers as any other type. Take my Sylveon for example. Lucina. She’s a Dragon Slayer, who will destroy anyone who stands in her way. She’s really nice to those who are nice to her. Any fairy hate on this blog will be disliked, and will be fired back at with weaknesses to whatever your favourite type is.

Also, NEVER hate of Lord Karp or Lord ‘Doof. I mean, there’s a song about Magikarp now, saying that yes, he’s useless but you gotta respect him. I totally agree. They should make one about Lord Bidoof as well. Well, Magikarp’s useless… unless you want to go for a MAGIKARPET RIDE. Oh yes, the puns are just getting started.

When I sent that pun to my friends, one of them replied with ‘NÑNNŃOÖØÓ’. So what I sent them was a picture of N normally, and a picture of N with maracas and a Mexican hat, with the caption of Ñ. Oh yes, the puns are heating up.

Oh yes, the puns are real.