My Rowlet has become a Decidueye!


Omg!!! Decidueye, evolved from my starter Rowlet, has reached level 100! I’ve looked back on what we’ve done, and it’s a lot! Every time I battle the Elite Four Decidueye is there, always. We’ve travelled far and wide, rarely leaving my party. It’s amazing to see that over 150 hours since when I first got the game we’ve achieved so much! Of all the Pokemon, I’ve been most attached to Decidueye, especially in Pokemon Refresh with lots and LOTS of PokePuffs/Beans. Also on this post are dedication posts or Deciduation posts (pun intended)! Now my little level 5 Rowlet is now a full level 100 Decidueye, and I can’t be a prouder trainer! All legitimate experience points, Decidueye has never stepped claw on Isle Evelup! Love you Decidueye, always will ☺️ forever and always, no matter what happens😊. 

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