My Fairy Gym

Stuff about my Gym.


Here are some details about my Fairy Gym:

  • It’s called the Klavioni City Fairy Gym, aka the Klavioni Gym.
  • It’s run by me!
  • My Pokemon are all (going to be) Level 100. Some of them are shiny. You can see examples of Pokemon in the trainer card attached in the gallery, although they won’t be the exact Pokemon I’m going to use.
  • There’s a gym badge you get (if I know you) of Shiny Sylveon’s bow. I have a shiny Sylveon, I just don’t know if I’m going to use her. Her name’s Lucina.
  • On my trainer card, there’s my friend code. You can add it if you want to battle, you’re just going to have to comment that you have, or DM me on Instagram.
  • Klavioni City is in the Alola Region (somehow), in the sea somewhere north of the Aether Foundation. It’s a small island bordering the next region that’s going to be announced, so it’s really hard to find. Don’t go looking for it in Pokemon Sun, Moon or Stars because you’ll never find it 🙂
  • My friends have other gyms, like Water, Fire, Ice and Ghost types. Be sure to DM me to get a battle with them!

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